#metoo and why I have not posted it

Yes, I do know the hashtag ”me too” and no I’m not a supporter of any abuse anywhere to anyone.
So why have I not been a good equal woman and feminist and put it on my wall? Really I should not feel as if I must explain myself, but I will. This is not a problem only concerning women. I seam to be the only one knowing of men that has been victimized, and laughed about when they have tried to do the right thing:
”Like, come on, you are a guy! Just fix it, you are stronger than them, just show them!”
No… that is not the right way and those I know has not taken that advice either.
But fine mostly women are victimized, but so are children. Children who are being brought up by parents. Parents who are suppose to teach them to never EVER touch someone without permission. Parents who defend their sons and daughters with:
”Well they didn’t mean it like that!” ”
”Don’t you think you are overreacting a bit now?”
And so on… No we/they are not! No one, child, woman or man are to be a victim! EVER! So I have not put up the hashtag, because I think it goes and concerns everyone. Do we educate our children, do we give them consequences when the are so much as liking pictures or a caption that is an abuse to the person receiving it? I do not think this is something we are to look lightly at, I do not think it is not serious, totally the opposite, but this is only my opinion, and I will never excuse a behaviour that causes harm towards anybody!

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