There is things you have done in the past that makes you feel regret. But that is a part of growing up. Another feeling you often have is that you realise that you could always be a better person. I always thought that I had reach my maximum when it came to being a better person, however it turned out I had not. I am a colleague of LTeng3, and I have learned that kindness is a key to get anything you set your goals to. She is one of those people I generally become happy for whenever something good happens, and she is also one I get sad for when something bad happens. She care about the people around her in a way I could not understand. It was hard at first, but as time went by I learned. There are sometimes small gestures and sometimes bigger. Somebody I can listen to, and somebody that listens to me. Somebody that takes advice from me and not pretend to know everything. This is something I wish in my heart I could do better. I also wish that I could project the kindness she shows. It is a pleasure to come to work, knowing she is there, somebody to talk to, somebody that takes an interest in people’s lives. If all people were like her, I do not think the world would be that dark place it sometimes is. I don’t feel so invisible around her.

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